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Placencia Village

Placencia is a quaint fishing village located on the tip of a 23 mile long peninsula that extends from the base of the majestic Maya mountains in the southern district of stann Creek, Belize.

This unique peninsula is surrounded on one side by the back reef lagoon (Caribbean ocean) which extends 17 miles out to the Meso American Barrier reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world extending 700 miles from the top of the Yucatan to the bay of Honduras. In this stretch of pristine waters lay hundreds of cayes surrounded by smaller patch reefs and corals, home to the numerous species of fish that the people of Placencia have been fishing for generations. Some of these salt water species include mackrels, jack, tuna, snapper, grouper, and many more.

On the other side of the peninsula lays the mangrove lined lagoon which is also home to many species of wildlife including but not limited to the West Indian manatee (which can grow up to 1300 pounds), many bird species, and fish including tarpon, snook, jack, barracuda etc. The Placencia lagoon is unique and extremely important to the welfare of the barrier reef and all of the species of animals that make it their home.


The lagoon protects and houses juvenile animal species until they are ready to venture out into the open waters of the back reef lagoon thus creating a symbiotic relationship between the lagoon and the reef. The village of Placencia is located directly in the center of this unique and beautiful relationship.

Like the relationship between the lagoon and the reef, we here at Sandy Cove Bz Tours depend on our amazing environment to survive and thrive. We take into consideration our fragile ecosystem and everything it has to offer and encompass all of this into our tours. Our captains and Guides has been living amongst this beauty here in Placencia their whole life, the information they were taught by elders about how to take care of his environment and more importantly how to learn from it are things that cannot be learned in a book.

We would love to share this information with you through one of our many tours that are offered around the Placencia peninsula and its surrounding areas.

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Sandy Cove BZ Tours

Sandy Cove Tours is fastly becoming a recognized tour operator in Placencia Village. Licensed by the Government of Belize.

We carry Boat Cruise along the coast or lagoon of Placencia. We also offer Fishing and Snorkeling trips.

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The sunset cruise tour was amazing. We were provided with tasty snacks and wine. Eric is a professional and experienced captain who shared his knowledge of Placencia with us. was a sight to behold. Perfect!
Leticia Sara
May 2019 - Facebook